Shakeology Success Story – Weight Loss, Energy, Cholesterol

Patricia’s life changed in more ways than one with Shakeology. She did not have a lot of weight to lose—just about 10 pounds. She exercised on a regular basis but was still having trouble losing those last few pounds.

That’s where Shakeology came in. She started to drink a glass once a day. Within the first week, she noticed that her energy levels had soared! She couldn’t believe how much better she felt. And sleeping better at night was real plus! No more  second cup of coffee later in the morning to get her through the day. Getting up at 4:30 every morning to work out was easier too. This was attributed to getting a better night’s sleep, as this has been a chronic problem for a long time.

Since having her third child in when she was over 30, it was hard to really lose the stomach. Even with consistent workouts, Patricia struggled with losing the extra weight she put on since the last pregnancy 15 years ago. She thought because of her age – 48 – that this is the way it was going to be for good. By doing  workouts with Beachbody and drinking Shakeology, she was finally able to  see the abs she worked so hard for! And, no more terrible bloating either!

Another  problem was with cholesterol levels being higher than they should be. Even though she was not very overweight, the blood tests don’t lie, and  235  cholesterol levels are not good. Since drinking Shakeology, her cholesterol is at 197. Quite a significant difference!

As a very busy person with a family and full-time job, it was hard to meet the nutritional requirements that her body needed. Shakeology ensures that her body get the best nutrition. Her body is now proof of it!

Beachbody developed an amazing product that is helping people like Patricia to reach their health and fitness goals!

If you want to feel great and healthy too, try Shakeology! You’ve got to try it to understand what a difference it can make it your life too.


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